Pants Topper

Product Features


  • Easy garment setting for greater productivity
  • Automatic pants cuff clamp unit to insure proper finish quality
  • Manual pre-steam feature to minimize wrinkles
  • Inverter to adjust the blower motor depending on the fabric type






Product Specifications
Power: Single Phase, 220V, 2.5A
Weight: 269 Lbs.
Air Consumption: 0.3 liter / cycle
Steam Consumption: 1.0 hp / 14 Kg/h
Air Pressure: 85 psi / 0.6 Mpa
Steam Pressure: 73 psi / 0.5 Mpa
Air Connection: 1/4
Steam Connection: Inlet 1/2, Outlet 1/2
Dimension: (WidthxDepthxHeight) 710x1280x1790 (mm)
28.7x50x67.3 (inch)