Rotary Garment Finisher

Product Features

  •  Sleek, redesigned control panel for easier operation


  • Blower motor increased to help with the laundered        garments


  • More ventilation slots on the torso to let the steam and air penetrate to the garment.


  • Redesigned foot pedals for easier use by the operator






Product Specifications
Power: Single Phase, 220V, 10A
Weight: 365 Lbs.
Air Consumption: 5 liter / cycle
Steam Consumption: 12 kg / hour
Air Pressure: 73 psi / 0.5MPa 
Steam Pressure: 73 psi / 0.5MPa
Air Connection: 1/4
Steam Connection: 1/2
Dimension: (WidthxDepthxHeight) 1110x970x2170 (mm)
43.7x38.2x85.4 (inch)