Sankosha Single Buck Shirt Press
& Single Collar & Cuff Press
(Tensioning Type)
Sankosha Double Buck Shirt Press
& Quad Collar & Cuff Press
(Tensioning Type)
Sankosha Pants Topper
& Dry Cleaning Presses
Sankosha Multi-Garment Finisher
& Double Collar & Cuff Press
(Tensioning Type)

Sankosha Rotary Form Finisher
& Utility Dry Cleaning Press

 Sankosha manufactures machines to be sophisticatedly simple for the garment care industry. Our goal is for our customers to be able to produce the finest quality pressed product while experiencing our unparalleled reliability.

Sankosha has built a reputation based on innovative breakthroughs coupled with user-friendly finishing equipment which has become our legacy. Providing the dry cleaning industry with leading warranties and customer service is a top priority at Sankosha.

Thank you for taking the time to consider Sankosha's line of pressing equipment.